UV-C Disinfection Chamber UVC4LSS (20 Ltrs.)

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Rs. 41,500

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Product Overview

Safer, Efficient, Chemical-Free & Cost-Effective Method for disinfecting objects within minutes

Introducing UV-C DisinfectionChamber

Model No. UVC4LSS (Capacity 20 Ltrs.)

- 360 Degree Irradiation and Disinfection

- Time Setting via Timer Enables Effective & Reliable Disinfection

- Constructed from highly hygienic stainless steel, with inner CRC-PC supports

- Easy to operate

- Zero-Chemical-free & Dry Disinfection

- Long Service Life of UVC Lamps

- Can be used with any domestic power source

- CE Certified

- DRDO Certified

Technical Specifications:

Outer Dimension (mm) : 400x300x290 (WxDxH)

Inner Dimensions (mm): 340x300x250 (WxDxH)

Inner & Outer body: Stainless Steel Grade 304

UVC Lights: 4 Nos. 11 Watt (9")

Timer Setting: Digital in second