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Would you love it, if you get to visit your doctor at your place of comfort? Well, then you will love us. Get remotely accessible online consultation with effective three-way communication, i.e. audio (cellular and internet calling options), video (direct video conference) and data (e-mail and messages) with doctors and health professionals. Also, take a second opinion from our health professionals at the time of critical health conditions or before making major health decisions.

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This includes paid/free consultation and consultation mode i.e. audio/video/text.


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Type your health condition, problem you are facing, attach your lab reports or prescription if any.Help doctors discover your health problems.


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Based on your health problems; you will see a list of doctors; choose a doctor based on their availability. You will then receive diagnosis and treatment from your doctor.


Follow up with your doctor

If you still have unclear doubts you can follow up with the doctor

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Book appointments with doctors from your institution

Be the bridge to treatment from your best doctors for the less privileged

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