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NepMeds Reward Point

NepMeds reward point is an extra value given to all NepMeds users for using the services provided by NepMeds. As per the use of these services the points will be calculated. The more you use, the more you collect. There points can be redeemed for gifts, made available by NepMeds.

The details of the reward points collected in your NepMeds account are as follows.

Reward Points Gift from NepMeds
500 NTC / NCELL / SMART Cell Balance worth Rs. 100
1000 NTC / NCELL / SMART Cell Balance worth Rs. 200
2000 NTC / NCELL / SMART Cell Balance worth Rs. 500
3000 Movie Ticket for a Couple
5000 Gift Voucher of Bhatbhetteni worth Rs. 1,500
10000 Flight from ktm – pokhara (One Way) for one person.
20000 2 night stay in Pokhara for a couple
50000 LED TV / Android Smart Phone
100000 Dell / Acer / Lenovo / HP Laptop
1000000 Honda / Bajaz / Suzuki 150 cc Bike

Getting the gifts of these reward point is very easy and simple. For Example: If you have collected 20000 NepMeds point in your account, then you can redeem gift “2 night stay in Pokhara for a couple”. After you redeem your gift, the amount of redeemed point will be deducted from your account.For Example: You have 25000 Nepmeds point into your account. You send request to redeem 20000 Nepmeds point. After approval of your redeem request, your now new NepMeds point will be 5000 only

Inorder to redeem your points, please email us at mentioning the amount of points you want to redeem. Once you send redeem request, it is non-refundable and you have to collect your gift within a month from the time you redeem. During the collection time of your gift, don’t forget to bring a valid identification document (License, Passport, Citizenship or Voter’s Card) along with you.


All products displayed on Nepmeds are 100% genuine and reliable.


Nepmeds uses 128-bit SSL encription to provide user a safe shopping experience.


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